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In the past Ballenstedt was both the ancestral seat of the dynasty of princes of the “Askanier” and residence for the dukes of Anhalt-Bernburg.
Now the main attraction of Ballenstedt is the castle with its castle church, the donjon, the grave of “Albrecht des Bären”, the crypt and a nice gallery
Ballenstedt Collage
The castle theatre of Ballenstedt
The castle theatre of Ballenstedt is the oldest theatre of Sachsen-Anhalt, where you can still find performances today. The castle complex and its cavalier houses are connected with the nice Old Town of Ballenstedt, also called the city of Ballenstedt, through the impressive avenue of chestnut trees. Until the beginning of the First World War there have been constructed a lot of imposing villas and houses along this avenue.
Residenz Jacobs
The "Residenz Jacobs" has been built in 1795 and was used as living and representation area by clerks of the royal court. After the Second World War the building was property of the city of Ballenstedt. In May 2005 the family Jacobs bought the building and restored it during a period of two years completely. In 2007 the restoration has been almost finished.
Residenz Jacobs Collage